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    Libra Weekly Horoscope

    It’s not shallow to suggest that how you present yourself affects how you feel, Libra. Don’t let anybody make you feel bad about taking twice as long as normal on your evening skincare regimen or constructing your appearance. This is always the case, but it intensifies this week since the Sun is in your fifth house of glitz and inspiration, where it will remain for the next three weeks. On Friday, February 3, el Sol will clash with wild kid Uranus in sensuous Taurus and your sexy ninth house, setting the stage for a great flame to flare. Even in a Zoom-hosted meeting room, you won’t need to do much (if anything) to attract attention and become the centre of conversation. This planetary conjunction in your horoscope’s area of love and commitment might spark a fresh flame in an existing relationship, or encourage a young couple to take the plunge into a long-term commitment. …or get FAR AWAY from it. With transformative Uranus in your 2nd house of close relationships and sexuality and squaring your Sun, a significant other might make an unexpected (and perhaps spectacular) entry (or leave) into your life.

    You dislike confrontation about as much as you like a trip to the dentist, but sometimes, Libra, you have to just face the music. On Saturday, the co-pilots of the cosmos, Mars and Venus, will be caught in an anxious square that might set the stage for some uncomfortable situations (90-degree angle). Now when these planets are at odds with one another, you may have no option but to confront the antagonism that you’ve been avoiding. Venus, the planet of peace and harmony, is currently residing in Pisces, your sixth house of service and healthy habits, and would be overjoyed if you would turn off the phone, fill the tub with scented soap, and relax. However, combative Mars is in talkative Gemini and your ninth house of expression, so you could find it difficult to hold your tongue. As a result, in your efforts to “assist,” you may unintentionally use some foul language. Keep in mind, Libra: omitting information is not the same as lying. This contentious atmosphere makes it difficult to find a middle ground, yet there is one that can help you restore calm while still satisfying your requirements. Kindness and compassion might help you decide how much or how little to say when you’re at a loss for words.

    Taurus Weekly Horoscope

    If you were born between January 20 and February 18, this may be your year to shine, since the Sun will be in your tenth house of success until February 18. However, the Sun is now in cooperative Aquarius, so unless you’re the only one with decision-making authority, it’s best to let others in on the process. You may take calculated risks to strengthen your position as a leader while still sharing in the burden of accountability. On Friday, February 3, the Sun will clash angrily with unpredictable Uranus in your sign, suggesting that you may need to speak up for yourself. Following corporate policy (so sluggish and uncreative!) or branching off on your own may be options due to the planet’s continual effect on you. It’s important to make sure you have full confidence in your ideas by consulting your gut and, if possible, a few trusted coworkers before acting.

    This weekend, you may feel torn between giving in to an intense temptation and rushing away before the latter permanently damages your circuitry. Even while it won’t help you make a decision, you can always say that the stars were aligned against you. Planetary lovers Venus and Mars will form a challenging square (90-degree angle) on Saturday, which might muddle typically solid judgement and cause you to act in a way that isn’t in line with your ideals. Now that Venus has moved into free-spirited Pisces and your eleventh house of experimentation, she has no interest in playing by the typical set of dating and love norms. Even if Mars is in Gemini, the analytical portion of your brain recognises how illogical this behaviour may be because of where Mars typically resides.

    Virgo Weekly Horoscope

    Turning yourself into a pretzel once more, Virgo? On Friday, February 3, the Aquarius Sun in your home of work and service (the “Virgo” house) will square up against independent Uranus in your freedom-seeking ninth house, creating a situation where you may feel like you’re living in a constant state of conflict. It’s in you to be a supporter and follow through on commitments, but a nagging thought suggests taking a break for a bit and seeing the world. It’s obvious that you can’t do both, at least not at the same time. So, to begin settling these competing needs, it’s important to recognise that they are incompatible with one another but are still attainable if each is given its own space. Take stock of your responsibilities: What can’t be changed and needs to be done immediately? Look into those first (perhaps, NOW). Then, put pen to paper or pencil to paper and brainstorm some enjoyable, freeing activities that may be had on Uranus. When and with whom are you able to accomplish them? The key is not to go around trying to combine incompatible elements, but rather to constantly be suitable for the task at hand. This is a Virgo’s strong suit!

    Keep the mustard on hand, since there might be more “pretzel-making” this weekend! Passionate Venus in your seventh house of serious partnerships butts heads with ambitious Mars in your tenth house of career. Have you been so busy with work that your significant other (or potential new love interest) believes they always come in second place? Alternatively, “Where is this thing going?” may be your most pressing concern at the moment. Some significant issues may persist even after a marriage has been established. There’s no harm in being direct and asking. You should put more thought into HOW you say something than WHAT you say. If you’re feeling worried or confused, that’s not an excuse to start pointing fingers at your spouse.

    Aries Weekly Horoscope

    Friends, especially close ones, are invaluable, but occasionally you may wonder how to respond to their spending habits: join in or skip a social event. On Friday, February 3, the Aquarius Sun in your social sector will square up against unpredictable Uranus in your financial sector, and the results might have far-reaching and inevitable consequences. It’s possible that you and another person or a group of people may make an embarrassing financial mistake. This could involve an out-of-control joint spending, for example. You’ll have to cope with that particular scenario, Aries, but you can also learn something from it. Consider it the price you paid to learn the importance of taking stock of your values and beliefs in relation to money, and how to bring them into harmony with your actions (particularly in regards to the proper allocation of your time and energy between saving, spending, and donating). Who in your circle of friends and family is on par with your values, and who is just a thoughtless a-hole? Realizing that the people you spend the most time with have an effect on your outlook and behaviour might help you make better use of your time and energy.

    This Saturday, you may find it difficult to distinguish between friends and lovers, and your romantic vision may get hazy like a windscreen in a downpour. When Venus, the planet of love, is in your twelfth house of the subconscious and the imagination, it squares up against Mars, the planet of action, in erratic Gemini. You may be able to withstand everything but desire, just like Oscar Wilde. Although you may feel in control at the moment, your rationality and sense of direction may have vanished in the cosmic dust. This yearly confab might be your last chance to save a union that has reached the point of decreasing (or vanishing) returns. You’re in a stable relationship, yet you can’t help but feel “lured” You should begin with the premise that even a small amount of distraction might ruin it. In any case, you may use this time to be honest with yourself and perhaps start a conversation about your wants and needs, regardless of the outcome. What NOT to do if you need to make a shift and create room for someone else is to feel bad about doing so.

    Cancer Weekly Horoscope

    As the Zodiac’s top caretaker, you tend to assume the best in others. However, Crab, there are instances when your goodwill is misplaced, and you help those who aren’t deserving. (Like that “friend” who is always draining your reserves of tolerance and goodwill because they want just a little bit more of everything.) On Friday, February 3, though, the emotional Sun in your ninth house of relationships will square off against the disruptive Uranus in your social sector. Something out of your control may happen to make you sit up and pay attention, at which point you will no longer be able to rationalise their behaviour. You shouldn’t necessarily unfriend someone, but you should view all social interactions with suspicion. Someone who is trying to test your devotion could be deceitful or insecure. And you should definitely not agree to their self-interested conditions. The real test of tough love is whether or not you can accept that kind of conduct because of the benefits you receive from the relationship.

    On Saturday, if a specific relationship has been barreling down the fantasy superhighway, it might face a significant traffic jam—or entirely spin out—as intrepid Venus in ethereal Pisces collides with tenacious Mars in Gemini in your twelfth house of dreams. Lots of fantasy thinking there, Cancer; you may have to deal with “spectacle blur” when you take off the rose-colored spectacles. In such case, you may learn the truth, which is crucial if you want to put any more of your time, effort, or expectations into this. You can’t possibly know what you’re doing until you get more information and feedback, both of which will come with time. Want to let off some steam? Get some outside support (a friend, a therapist, a healer) to work through your complicated feelings.

    Leo Weekly Horoscope

    This Friday, February 3, you’ll be confronted with a major dilemma, having to pick between your personal life and your work life. The Sun, your celestial protector, is in an uncomfortable aspect with rebellious Uranus, your professional planet, in the house of committed partnerships. A change at work may interfere with your personal ambitions, limiting your freedom to pursue other interests. Another possibility is that someone is attempting to put you on too short of a leash. It’s also conceivable that one of these characters will behave erratically out of the blue for no apparent reason.

    Whatever the root of the problem, the silence is only making things worse. The silver lining is that eventually you will get through this, Leo. The challenge is to hold out until it does. As a distraction, we recommend doing something that never fails to hold your interest and make you feel better. If you can, put off dealing with this disruptive energy until Monday. Enjoy your independence, single Lions, even if it comes with more isolation than you’d want. Think ahead to when you’ve finally found someone to spend your life with and how much you’ll miss those carefree days (and nights) of flirting and dating without having to answer to anybody but yourself.

    On Saturday, thoughts may stray from a purely platonic connection and into far deeper seas, making the distinction between friends and lovers more hazy and perhaps more dangerous than usual. However, the waters may be choppy because Mars and Venus, the cosmic lovebirds, are caught in a tangled square (90-degree angle). Mars is in your eleventh house of friends and informal associations, urging you to maintain your independence at all costs. However, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is stationed in your eighth house of intense feelings. This Saturday may not provide you any answers, but you may utilise that drive to keep digging until you find out what’s making you feel insecure. You need to be physically near to someone and experience their contact sensually. And yet, your emotions appear to be stifled by something. Just let it be, Leo. Allow yourself to tune into your intuition and observe what surfaces. Is it, maybe, the worry that you will be injured if you let your guard down? If you’re just getting to know someone, there’s no rush to spill your guts.

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