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    Feb 3 2023

    Every Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope

    Pisces Weekly Horoscope

    Even if you have a jam-packed social schedule, remember that you are a Highly Sensitive Pisces (HSP). Friends and interesting conversations are fun, but eventually you’ll need to take refuge in your own little aquarium. And on Friday, February 3rd, egocentric Sun, which is stalled in your reflective twelfth house (also known as the Pisces house), makes one of its twice-yearly squares (difficult 90-degree angles) to social sector disruptor Uranus. You have a strong intuitive sense and an uncanny ability to monitor people, so you may be the first to notice any drama or low-vibe behaviour and, as a result, the first to want to escape it. In order to avoid dealing with people who constantly interrupt you or demand to be right about everything, it’s best to take matters into your own hands and reduce the amount of time you spend interacting with them. The calmer you can be around someone, the better, Pisces.

    This Saturday, be sure to give yourself some time to relax and soak up all the comforting emotions you can muster, and let your instincts lead the way. Mars, the planet of desire, has settled into Gemini and your home fourth house, where it is yearning for cosy company. The bar should not be set too high if you are in a committed long-term relationship. Single? Maintain an open disposition toward the world. A stroll around the park or a stop for a coffee in the afternoon might lead you to a soul mate. And if you plan on going out on a Saturday night, be aware of who is observing you. If they strike up a conversation with you or even just establish direct eye contact, reply in kind. To be that open and honest with you suggests they have nothing to hide. Keep in mind that this weekend, the seductive Venus in your sign will be tied up with the aggressive Mars, which might derail any progress you make. Prevent yourself from shooting yourself in the foot by catching yourself in the act of playing mind games or being excessively critical of yourself.

    Taking care of oneself is becoming better. It’s practically a given that Pisces will put the needs of others before their own. If you have been giving till it hurts (figuratively or physically), then it is time to halt, select a different conclusion, and change the story. As of this coming Sunday, the only Leo full moon of the year will be illuminating your sixth house of health and wellness, giving you a fantastic opportunity to get started. If you’re a Fish and you’ve gone off the health waggon, consider this your formal invitation from the universe to get back on track. Now is the time to start seeing or feeling effects if you’ve been treating your body like the temple it is. Finally gaining some ground? Reward yourself for your efforts so far, and then challenge yourself with some fresh (doable) objectives. Avoid turning it into a mathematical contest. Both weight and clothing size have no relevance. The best course of action for your sensitive sign is to work on improving one’s physical condition, such as by increasing one’s strength, flexibility, and vitality. If white flour, milk products, and sugary foods have been your staples, it’s time to make a change. Make exercise a regular part of your weekend (and your life) by signing up for a class or activity you’ll genuinely look forward to attending, going for brisk walks in the park, or getting your heart rate up while dancing.

    Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

    Until February 18, you have the freedom to put yourself first as the Sun soars through Aquarius and into your sign. However, this should not be interpreted as permission to abandon any sense of care. When the Sun initiates its biennial battle with your cosmic guardian, unpredictable Uranus, in your home fourth house on Friday, February 3, pay heed to your impulses. You wouldn’t dream of betraying or leaving somebody in your close circle, but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Your preparations for this coming Friday may begin to fall apart for no apparent reason other than the planet’s irregular motion. While you’re in the midst of attending to some private business, a visiting friend or family member may unexpectedly barge in (literally or virtually). Hear out their request (which, fingers crossed, is an ask and not a demand) and evaluate whether or not you can help. No need to feel bad if you don’t! Never forget that “no” is an adequate response that stands on its own.

    This Saturday, you could feel like a human version of tug of war when Mars and Venus enter an unusual and frustrating square. If you have Mars in Gemini, your fifth house of passion and drama, you may be tempted to take an action that isn’t in your best interest, but you can’t seem to help yourself. You WILL be tempted to do something risky when your inner adrenaline addict is stimulated by Mars. Venus in dreamy Pisces is the voice of reason, ironically. Since Venus rules your second house of safety and wealth, you probably shouldn’t put your money on anything that has a high chance of failing. However, Venus’s insistence on considering all possible outcomes need not be a deal breaker. But pause for a while and give it some thought. Wait for the full plate if you want security and commitment. within the context of a long-term relationship? Never allow money to be a problem. Be mindful of joint spending, and talk things over with your partner before making any large decisions.

    On Sunday, the only full moon of the year will be in Leo, energising your partnership sector. This boost from the moon can give a crucial link the extra push it needs to finally come together. Whether it’s romantically, professionally, or artistically motivated, things are about to get a lot more exciting. Some Aquarians could be trying to figure out if you’re truly committed to this endeavour and ready to go all in, or if you should start making plans for a departure. During the following two weeks (the peak manifestation phase of this lunation), everything may appear to “officially official,” but without your entire dedication, it will be a half-hearted venture at best. Clearly state your commitment requirements and observe your potential partner’s reaction. This full moon can give you the nerve to cut bait if you so desire. When you’ve put so much effort into making something work, saying goodbye may be very difficult. Just pausing for a while and letting some time pass may help you see things more objectively. Avoid being rushed into making a choice. Ultimately, the decision lies in your hands. And if you feel the answer is yes, then buckle up, because things are going to move forward at a breakneck speed!

    Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

    Since the Sun is in Aquarius and transiting your second house of earned income for the next three weeks, concerns about money and safety are likely to be high on your list of priorities. On Friday, February 3, though, the unpredictable may occur as the Sun enters its biannual confrontation with erratic Uranus in your theatrical and hedonistic fifth house. It’s possible that you’re at a loss as to whether to put it in the bank or buy something you want. Find a cheap one or spring for the high-end one? You tend to be frugal with your hard-earned income, but this celestial collision might make you spend like a fool. A decent rule of thumb, and one that you may already use, is to sleep on it; if you’re still craving it by Monday morning, and it won’t break the bank, then go for it. However, if you see this as meaningless window shopping or a way to fill an emotional need, you should probably pass. New purchases provide a temporary dopamine high, while the “pain” of paying off debt might last for weeks or months.

    A testy square between Venus and Mars on Saturday may make it difficult to let your guard down and relax this weekend. Since the ambitious planet Mars has recently moved into your sixth house of intricacies and behind-the-scenes activity, it’s crucial that you take your time to examine the finer points of the situation, as skipping over even the smallest of these nuances might prove disastrous. This is true for both business endeavours and interpersonal communications. However, Venus is distracting you from your work since she is snarking about Mars in your communication area. Avoid continuing a heated argument with someone over which you have no explanation. There’s no use in fighting this type of a conflict. Since this provocateur isn’t providing many clues, it’s possible you’ll never learn their true motivations. If the individual is unimportant, you may just walk away, but if it’s a close friend, a bae, or a hot prospect, you should try to quietly shift the subject and, if possible, the scenery.

    Me-OW! Even though you’re a Sea Goat, Cap, you’ll experience the full force of your purr this coming Sunday, when the fiery Leo full moon lights up your eighth home of love and lust. While you’re not usually one to enjoy a good game of cat and mouse, you could find yourself doing so this weekend. Single? Keep in mind that there is a transition period between accepting a drink offer and being invited back to someone’s home. We won’t stand in your way if you’re set on having a one-night stand. Stop and remember that getting to know someone is an important (and enjoyable) part of the trip if you want to find something long-lasting. Cap couples may take their relationship to new heights by picking a shared anniversary date to commemorate during this fervent lunar phase. Are you prepared to take the next step toward a long-term relationship? It’s not something you should keep to yourself. You may be (nearly) ready to combine resources with a partner or join an investment club, since the eighth house governs pooled assets. Make sure that no one is skirting the law in any way. Keep your word under these brilliant moonlight rays. It’s your most valuable possession.

    Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

    Weekly global public service announcement: do more and speak less! Your sports nature tells you that just thinking about being healthier, stronger, and more organised won’t do the trick. Specific next steps are required. You’re full of lofty concepts thanks to the Sun’s transit through innovative Aquarius, which rules your sector of expression. But on February 3rd, el Sol will fall into a stressful square with rogue Uranus in your sixth house of healthy practises, which might stymie your efforts. Your stubborn, self-reliant sign isn’t helping problems by refusing to accept assistance. I have an idea about how to get through that (inner) barrier: Instead of looking for “help,” reframe your goal by saying you want a workout partner or someone to hold you accountable. And if you meet the proper individual(s), this might be rather interesting! Start by doing your own thing and setting some (realistic) objectives; then discuss them with someone you trust who cares about your well-being; ask them what THEIR goals are for improvement or achievement; and utilise that mutual support to keep both of you motivated! Then all you need to do today is one crucial action to make the agreement official.

    This Saturday, you may feel more emotionally vulnerable than usual due to a heated clash between aggressive Mars in your relationship sector and soothing Venus in your highly sensitive fourth house. Everything is rosy when the planets, stars, and planets-in-love are in a harmonious configuration. On the other hand, when they square up against one another or create an opposition of 90 degrees, the resulting tension can take your emotions on a wild journey. Now that your nerves are so exposed, it only takes a slight provocation—an offhand remark or a glance in another direction—to set off a chain reaction of destructive emotions. Recognizing this, take great care to prevent conflict by NOT asking friends or family to weigh in on your current Tinder infatuation. Keep your significant other and your best friend apart if he or she constantly resents each other. If your heart tells you to do something, do it; just don’t get yourself into a position where you have to be the peacemaker between two individuals who are as different as oil and water.

    Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

    This week, you may have the chance to take a relationship to a whole new level, so it’s important to pay attention to your feelings and not just what you believe you “should” want. As the Sun enters your domestic fourth house, it shines a bright light on your home, family, and physical dwelling. As one of your most personal and sacred areas of the zodiac, Scorpio, you guard it with all your might. On Friday, February 3, the Sun will square up with volatile Uranus in your relationship sector, causing both of you to be on edge. Someone close to you may try to pry information out of you, and they may have every intention of sharing that knowledge with others. You aren’t the most trusting person in the world, and now is not the time to try to change that. If there is something you really need to vent about or simply run by a reliable buddy (or bae), be sure they have earned that confidence. However, you shouldn’t do such a risky action with anyone else. A new relationship’s “getting to know you” period might be exciting, but it always requires your full Scorpionic judgement.

    It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get to the bottom of someone’s suspicious conduct this weekend, much less obtain a straight response from them. Mars, in a lengthy visit to your eighth house of seduction, secrets, and deep emotions, casts some mysterious shade over (usually) gracious Venus in your passionate fifth house on Saturday. It’s possible that you and your boo may have a fight out of the blue, as though they’re actively working to derail your noble goals. Or, if you’re single and looking for love, you could be too eager to resist a slick talker’s advances. Maintain vigilance! Remember that passions run high at first, but that what you really want is a partner who can keep the house fires burning even when the passions go down. (But be honest with yourself, Scorpio; if you’re simply searching for a “excuse” to push the limits a little bit or get back into the game after a hiatus, go for it.) Venus in the fifth house of drama can cause anybody, single or attached, to worry excessively about their appearance. You should always try to make a good impression, but you should know the difference between being confident in who you are and pandering to other people’s expectations.

    Gemini Weekly Horoscope

    The people of Earth extend an invitation to the twins Gemini to soar free within the stratosphere. You may be the captain of your own rocket ship now that the brave Aquarius Sun is cruising through your expansive and emancipated ninth house. On February 3rd, though, when you approach orbit, the unpredictable planet Uranus will clash with the Sun, perhaps sending you on a “recalculating” detour across the galaxy. This hard square might obstruct Uranus’s path through the twelfth house of illusions and deception, where it has been travelling for quite some time. Whatever happens to you, you probably couldn’t have seen it coming. As so, maintain your composure and focus on the big picture, knowing that you’ll figure out a solution. Even if you’re having trouble, you should try to find the good in it or the important lesson you can learn from it.

    Who’s in charge here? This Saturday, the stars are tugging you in opposite directions, so the query may become more than just a rhetorical one (or a ’80s TV reference). Your restless energy comes from Mars in Gemini, but it’s in a challenging square with pleasant Venus in your social sector. You, an Air sign who values communication and connection, understand better than anybody how constantly you need to readjust your focus and focus on others. Your sign’s adaptability makes you a natural at adopting new personas and making concessions in order to maintain harmony in your inner circle. This weekend, though, you might find yourself at a crossroads: should you put yourself first (Mars’s choice) or give in to a more demanding or needy person? (Venus). Consider the consequences of giving in to others before you make a hasty decision. Gem, always keep in mind that the extent of your love or loyalty is not reflected in the lengths to which you go for someone. So if you do decide to put your own needs first, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Keep in mind that everyone benefits from your decision when you find happiness and fulfilment.

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