Zodiacs that are always looking for more out of life

Even with good lifestyles, some people are never content. Some people crave more despite being rich, happy, healthy, and loved.

Do you count as one of them?

They still want everything. Astrology simplifies personality complexity by examining the twelve zodiac signs.

The zodiac signs below can help you decide if you're a seeker.

Some folks are always unhappy. Despite wealth, luxury, happiness, and love, some seek more. All for themselves. Zodiac signs define personality. Seekers are the following zodiac signs.


They bore easily. Experimentation excites them. They're outraged if they don't get their way immediately. Partnerships bored them.


They seek perfection. Despite success, they'll keep trying. Obsession may ruin their relationships.


They want the finest life. They always want more adventure, even when comfy. Want everything.


They're ambitious. Goal-oriented and never satisfied. Wins are desired.


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