Zodiac Signs That Can't Stop Cheating, Ranked From Most To Least Likely

Because to their propensity for flirting, a lot of individuals are wary of starting partnerships with Libras. And perhaps they have good reason to be wary.

1. Libra

If you can't offer Gemini the constant attention she craves in a relationship, she'll find someone who can. Gemini is a very needy sign.

2. Gemin

Capricorn seeks to get the most out of relationships in order to achieve a very precise goal. This indicates that she is seeking fulfilment, assistance, stability, and possibly status.

3. Capricorn 

Taurus won't cheat because it's in her best interests to remain loyal to her lover.

4. Tauru

The second least likely of all the zodiac signs to cheat, Cancer is unquestionably one of the most dependable signs.

5. Cancer

Leo is not just dramatic, but she also demands to always be the focus of attention.

6. Leo 

Virgo has never even entertained the idea of leaving the person she is with. Perhaps it's because she has so much on her plate already that she can't even imagine sneaking around with someone else.

7. Virgo

It will shock you to learn that Pisces is the sign that cheats the most.

8. Pisce

Without a question, Aries is committed to her boyfriend. She's not the best at showing her love and commitment to her boyfriend, therefore at times she could come across as nasty and harsh.

9. Aries 

Because of her strong moral principles, Sagittarius would never do anything that would damage her reputation.

10. Sagittarius 

While Aquarius might not really commit physical infidelity, she might start flirtatiously texting an old flame or lead someone on on a night out to see how many free drinks she can score.

11. Aquarius

As long as you reciprocate the same for her, Scorpio can be the most devoted and loving spouse you've ever had and stay that way forever.

12. Scorpio 

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