Zodiac signs' strengths and weaknesses

When an Aries sets their mind to something, there is no mountain too high for them to climb. However, they may be suffering from a hidden imposter syndrome, which can erode their confidence if given free rein.


A Taurean is the most dependable person you can have in your corner when the chips are down. However, they have a mile-wide stubborn streak and can hold a grudge like no one else, so don't cross them.


Toss a Gemini to the wolves, and they will return leading the pack—the air element in this sign indicates that they can adapt to any situation easily. But their patience runs out, and once they've lost patience with someone, there's no room for a second chance.


There are abundant reserves of deep, undying love and loyalty hidden behind the brooding fortress that a Cancer has erected to protect themselves. It's a shame that few will get to experience it because they're not very good at communicating what's on their minds.


This lion was born to be the centre of attention, and nothing makes him happier than being the centre of attention. However, their innate belief that they are always correct leads to them frequently trampling on the feelings and sentiments of others.


If the world were to end tomorrow, you would want a Virgo to lead the march into the new dawn. She is meticulous, organised, and diligent. However, because they have that pesky niggle of self-doubt in their heads,


If you're looking for someone to lend a sympathetic ear and truly put themselves in your shoes, call the first Libra in your contacts.


A Scorpio's fiery, intense personality can make any time spent together a wild, dizzying ride. However, while they will go out of their way to meet your emotional needs,


There is no better storyteller than a Sagittarius—they can have the entire room hanging on every word. However, while they can show you grand visions, it can be difficult to pin them down and make them deliver on their promises.


Not everyone can conquer the world, but if a Cap set out to do so, nothing could stop them until they succeeded.


An Aquarian is a deep thinker with a humanitarian streak who has big plans to change the world. It's a shame they left the party early, because their reclusive nature makes it difficult for them to form bonds with those around them.


If you want to escape the monotony of everyday life, a Pisces' imaginative mind can transport you to a realm of fantasy. Their gentle, nurturing nature, on the other hand, can be a double-edged sword.


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