Zodiac Signs Characteristics

The "baby" sign is Aries. They're the zodiac's initial sign, not immature. Be specific. Keep Aries waiting.


Taurus, the second Zodiac sign, is intelligent and mysterious. Earth sign Taurus is kind and intelligent. They're sane. They rationalize under pressure.


Gemini symbolizes twins. This sign is friendly and outgoing. They "take each day as it comes" since they don't like planning. A Gemini? Geminis are extroverted and introverted. They host excellent parties.


Cancerians are feared for their strength and vengefulness. Cancers are compassionate. You'll never feel alone after befriending one.


Leos are the bravest. Lions are pioneers. They set new norms wherever they go.


Virgos are the most underrated Zodiac sign. Efficiency and order could govern the world. They believe "Work is Worship" and rarely relax.


Librans are calmest. They're current. They organize. Libra manages best. Equanimity with the Scales. Heaven-sent soulmates.


Pluto makes Scorpios untrustworthy. One can't read minds. They hide. Scorpios, express yourself.


The scariest  zodiac sign when theyre mad