Zodiac-compatible Dog Breeds

Border Collies, like Aries, are determined and adore physical challenges. Workaholic dogs excel at agility. You're both energetic and can finish any task swiftly.


Tauruses appreciate beauty, and Afghan Dogs are stunning. Like you, these gorgeous dogs are devoted, and their aloofness suits Taurus, who requires time to trust new people.


Labrador Retrievers suit Geminis. Labs bond with their entire family, which is crucial to you. Labs are known for their friendliness, and Geminis love to talk.


Cancer is loyal, and Rottweilers are terrific family guardians. Rotties are calm and alert at home yet confident and aloof outside. Rotties, like you, love their family.


Pugs are jovial like Leos. The Toy Group's biggest clowns are as irresistible as Leo. Pugs adore life like you.


Beauty inspires Virgo, therefore the dashing Briard with his quicksilver pace may be the perfect match. Briards, a herding breed, are smart and problem-solving like Virgos.


Like Libras, Pomeranians love company. Like the Pom, Libra is loyal and gregarious with friends. The Pom is smart like Libra, making it easy to train.


A Great Pyrenees might suit a Scorpio. These gorgeous dogs were bred to prevent wolves and share your commitment to family.


Sagittarius, the zodiac's traveler, may suit the Beagle, a nose-follower. The curious, extroverted Beagle shares your sense of humor and curiosity.


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