Zack Snyder's Justice League 2 Plan Put Ben Affleck's Batman in a "Mad Max: Road Warrior"-Style Post-Apocalyptic Earth.

Zack Snyder had given his entire DC Universe arc his all. Everyone enjoyed the story he brought to life.

The journey, which had begun with Henry Cavill's Man of Steel in 2013, had been long,

but it came to an abrupt end. Snyder's Justice League became one of the most in-demand films,

compelling him to finally release his version of the film, which had previously received a lot of negative press.

Although there is still a strong desire to see his story continue, the director has definitively left the franchise.

Fans kept hoping that Netflix would purchase the Snyderverse and that the director's journey would not come to an abrupt end.

If the series had a future, it seemed that he too had a lot planned.

After Justice League, Zack Snyder said he would have focused on Ben Affleck's Batman.