Your zodiac sign determines how you lie.

Aquarius An Aquarius deception might be convincing. As a result, they can deceive even the most astute liars.


They are straightforward and hardly ever lie. They avoid the person they lied to if they do. Lies make them feel ashamed.


In order to keep you happy, cancer will lie. Moreover, they won't look you in the eye when lying or after.


They find it difficult to deceive, so they confess! If caught lying, which is simple, they won't dispute it.


Geminis can lie well and are excellent communicators. Yet, just because they lie does not make them good liars.


They'll be upset if you cast any doubt on them. Leos would do whatever to make you feel guilty for having doubts about them.


They will avoid you after lying to you. They will shun you after you lie because they despise conflict.


Either they'll be experts at it or terrible at it. Whether they are good at lying or terrible, they will continue to do so.


Sagittarius will lie down short before leaving. They are horrible at it because they are honest.


They are equally adept at lying. Always, lying serves to shield them or a loved one.


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