Your Weekly Predictions for April 9–15, 2023

Do you still have a full moon hangover? The most out of balance thing was revealed last week, and now we're left trying to make up the gap.

Baby, it's still your birthday! You're going to want to treat yourself to a spa day in light of the findings from last week about your challenging relationships. Even though your sister and friends have thoughts on the matter,


Even though significant revelations about what's lacking from your routine surfaced last week, you don't need to instantly reevaluate your schedule.


On the 11th, Venus enters your sign, so it's time to reintroduce some sweetness to your life. Even though you might be tempted to buy new clothes or cosmetics right away, look around first.


Your career and public image have seen numerous ups and downs this year, as well as a few false starts. But you finally get the reset you've been seeking this week.


To get your job and/or relationships back on track, you've been postponing trips. But after that little day trip last week, you're experiencing that insatiable wanderlust once more.


Even though last week served as a wake-up call about your financial situation, that doesn't imply you can't continue to harbor long-term aspirations. regardless of price.


Very certainly, the full moon last week left you in shock. It's challenging to acknowledge how you neglected personal needs while attempting to help others. Yet this week, you're free to let go of the connections that aren't sustaining you and lean into those that are.


You now need to adapt your expectations after last week's full moon exposed an unpleasant fact, a self-destructive habit, or a secret foe. Throwing yourself into routine might provide relief.


You're ready to return to your regular schedule after a wild weekend of birthday celebrations or bachelorette pranks spurred on by last week's full moon.


The full moon last week highlighted both career successes and failures. The amount of responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders may be too much for you to handle.


On the 11th, Venus enters your zone of pleasure, kicking off your most creative and romantic season of the year. Even while you're hot, irritated, and inspired, you also feel like you don't have enough money to cover your expenses.


You haven't really felt like you could unwind in your own place in a while. On the 11th, Venus enters your home sector, bringing serenity to those who have been coping with annoying roommates, a guest who won't leave, or building renovations.


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