Woman discovers a dinosaur claw in her lawn;

The claws of a dinosaur" appeared to be what Laura Moorcroft, a woman from the United Kingdom, and her husband discovered in their yard, which was a genuinely bizarre discovery. Their home in Wales.

United Kingdom, is where the discovery was found. As others made guesses about what the strange animal part might be, it quickly became popular on social media. The woman who discovered the claw described how the incident left her in amazement.

Because the discovered limb appeared to be a partially "alive" remnant of an extinct species or one of those that appear in the renowned film saga "Jurassic Park." Since she and her husband are fans of the Steven Spielberg film.

Laura said that the discovery initially appeared to be a claw resembling a lizard's, but she did not believe it belonged to a dinosaur. We think it looks prehistoric—like a scaly lizard claw," she remarked.

Because we're big Jurassic Park fans, we assumed it was from a dinosaur right away." The woman and her husband made the decision to take the claw to a local zoo's veterinarian so that he could explain what it was.

They too, were unable to tell her with certainty what species the claw belonged. Laura remarked, "One said it was like a pheasant and the other said it was like a turkey, so we still don't know anything.

Additionally, the woman posted a picture of the claw on social media, where other users left comments in support of her views.

Some individuals speculated that it might be a bird, while others thought it might be a reptile like an alligator, crocodile, or turtle.