With his new $0 deal, amateur Sam Bennett, who won the Masters, gets his first Augusta bump.

As Sam Bennett finished his last few weeks of college golf at Texas A&M, it seemed possible that his strong performance at the Masters would lead to some new sponsorship opportunities.

 On Monday, T-Mobile announced that the senior from Madisonville, Texas, would be working with them.

Bennett won't be wearing a T-Mobile badge at the SEC Championship this week or in the upcoming NCAA playoffs.

Instead, the contract says that he has to talk about the business on social media and at events.

A representative for T-Mobile said, "Bennett will help T-Mobile's efforts in the college athletics and NIL spaces by talking about how the Un-carrier helps him stay,

In touch with friends and family while he's away competing." Bennett will do this in a number of ways, such as through branded social posts and visits at events.

No one talked about how much money Bennett will get. Luke Feldlam, whose company Advance NIL works with college players, 

told Golf Digest that Bennett could get deals worth six or even seven figures in the future because of the attention he got at Augusta National.

The company has signed four college athletes before Bennett. He joins Georgians Jaiden Fields and Montana Fouts, who play softball, and Jalen Hood-Schifino, who plays hoops, on the team.