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Who is Nima Momeni?


Mr. Momeni owns Expand IT and lives in Emeryville, California, according to LinkedIn.

Expand IT is a "one-stop technology and security provider" for enterprise software companies.

On his website, Mr. Momeni said he had worked as a "dedicated technology partner" for healthcare, finance, and startup clients at multiple Bay Area and San Jose tech organizations since 2005.

The profile says he studied English and Farsi at Berkeley. In 2020, Mr. Momeni paid $525,000 for an Emeryville flat at 4053 Harlan St.

Residents informed the Los Angeles Times that a woman entered Mr. Momeni's building at 2.30am and screamed his name the night before Lee's murder.

The Mission Local said Mr. Momeni and Lee knew each other, although how is unclear. B

before moving to Miami last year, Lee was a prominent San Francisco technologist.  

The former Square CTO was assassinated at a MobileCoin tech conference in his hometown.B

Nima Momeni Who is the tech executive arrested for murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee