Which Zodiac Sign Would Make for the Greatest Sexual Experience?

One of the three Fire signs, Aries is a passionate and impatient sign that likes to get things done. They aren't interested in wooing you with romance and roses.


Taurus Taureans enjoy fine dining and gentle seduction. Once these sensual lovers have made up their minds that you are the one, they will desire you and you alone.


Geminis are mentally stimulated first and physically stimulated second because they are an intellectual and vocal Air sign. Get him into the bedroom as soon as you have him amped up before he becomes distracted because Geminis are prone to daydreaming.


According to Vega, cancers don't just "fall into bed." Most of the time, the intensely emotional Crab seeks a romantic connection, and once she has you in her grasp, she won't let go.


The blaming of oneself Leo aspires to stardom and is equally dramatic in bed as he is in public. The Lion loves attention and an audience, and if you continue to applaud him, he will continue to give it to you.


Everyone believes the Virgo to be chaste, yet they are merely meticulous, according to Vega. They prefer to have an intimate encounter in a pleasant and tidy setting. They are gentle, tidy, loving paramours who enjoy peaceful relationships and frequently choose to be the more subdued spouse.


highly developed While a little distant, Libra is a perfectionist and intelligent who makes a great bedmate. The cerebral sign has a philosophical bent when it comes to sex and is frequently fascinated by erotica and novel conceptual ways to pleasure.


While everyone is aware that Scorpios are freaks, not everyone realizes that they are sophisticated freaks. The intense, enigmatic Scorpio may be a horn dog, yet celibacy is her preferred sexual lifestyle.


When he's in bed with you, this passionate, energetic global traveller will make you feel like the only person in the world, but if he feels the call of the open road, you might as well take in the scenery as he departs.


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