Your zodiac sign determines your dog breed.

German Shepherds suit Aries' leadership and energy. This breed is loyal, bold, and trainable.


Taurus is loyal and enjoys the finest things in life, making choosing a dog breed easy. Taurean's sociability matches Bolognese's laid-back temperament.


Geminis need an energetic, curious breed. This symbol suits a vivacious chihuahua. Their excitement means they're constantly up for new activities.


This sign is family-oriented and prioritizes personal relationships. If not continually reminded of their affection, they may become insecure.


Rottweilers are like Leos—leaders and loves of attention. Rottweilers are loyal, protective, and fluffy when properly taught.


Virgos work hard but have a softer side. Virgo dog parents should get a working dog like a Border Collie.


Libras, mild signs, seek harmony. They prefer a dog breed that helps them do that. Siberian Huskies may appear ferocious, but Libras love their gentleness.


Scorpios are feisty and adventurous. A Norfolk Terrier's bold and fun-loving temperament ensures a Scorpio will never have to explore alone again.


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