Which dog breed suits your zodiac sign?

Aries will bond with this medium-sized breed that battles animals much larger than themselves. Shortsighted? Absolutely. Courageous? Yes. Aries is known for their strong sense of smell and bloodsport affinity.


This leisure couple is bullish. The English Bulldog is the finest dog for napping, and if you Google "what sort of dog is best for napping with you?" you're probably a Taurus.


Geminis are investigators, orators, supercomputers for worthless knowledge, while Dachshunds are called low rider, wiener, weenie, sausage dog, and my favorite, pig shark.


Cancer needs a hound to understand, forecast, and calm its moods. King Charles Spaniels are best for the job. KCSs are affectionate and prefer their primary caretaker.


Leos adore hard and challenge. Rhodesian Ridgebacks match lions. Rhodesians, like Leos, have long hair and were developed to follow lions, making them a powerful pet for the lion pride.


Fact: I've never met a Virgo who wasn't obsessed with cleanliness. This sign's finest breeds are clever and hypoallergenic. Poodle is apparent, but the beautiful and old Xoloitzcuintlim or Xolo also works.


Libras are natural aristocrats, and the Afghan is the prettiest and most patrician hound. Evidence: Kim Kardashian is a Libra and an Afghan hound if she were a dog.


Scorpios are often cats, owls, or newts. They get along best with dogs that are unique and smart like them. So, the Hungarian Puli.


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