When Are Opposite Sex Friends a Threat to Your Relationship?

Are women and men friends? Despite the fact that opposite-sex friendships have become more prevalent in recent decades,

New study suggests that most individuals view them with suspicion1, which is supported by research.

Monsour, Harris, and Kurzweil2 found that 64% of men and 44% of women sexually partnered with cross-sex friends.

However, as men and women meet more in job and social contexts, they will find mutual interests and connections that may lead to friendship.

Unless one or both partners are in an exclusive personal relationship, these friendships are usually fine.

If not handled appropriately, opposite-sex friendships can threaten intimate relationships, according to decades of psychological research.

An exclusive intimate relationship involves emotional intimacy, trust, and vulnerability. Intimacy needs making someone feel safe,

loved, and cared for above all other relationships. The intimate link strengthens when handled as if it were vulnerable.