What Does Each Finger Mean for Rings?

Knowing the meaning of each finger for rings can help people make inferences about your personality, relationship status.

Ring placement

can send a message based on culture and religion, with the left hand being seen as a major indicator for character and beliefs, while the right hand is seen as a fashion statement.

Relationship, Betrothal, and Marital Status

Ring finger is the most important finger for sending a message with jewelry, depending on the hand it is worn on.

Left Ring Finger

The left ring finger is often reserved for wedding rings and engagement jewelry, and some people choose to wear a promise ring or purity ring to signify abstinence from intimate relations.

Right Ring Finger

Wearing a ring on the right ring finger does not have any set meaning in countries where it does not symbolize marriage.

Index High Impact and (sometimes) Marriage

The index finger has a lot of impact, making it a great choice for a ring.

Left Index Finger

Show off an important ring on the left index finger without sending a message.

Right Index Finger

The right index finger is the proper place for a wedding ring in a traditional Jewish ceremony.

Thumb Ring Meaning - Open to Interpretation

Choose a chunky ring that doesn't impede your movement to make a fashion statement and be seen as confident.

Middle Finger Ring Meaning - No Statement

The middle finger is a good choice for showing off a ring without making a statement, but it can also symbolize power and responsibility if desired.

Pinky Finger Meaning:

A pinky finger ring can have symbolic meaning in certain cultures.

Left Pinky Finger

Rings on the left pinky finger can symbolize a variety of things, such as family and status, and can be passed down through generations.

Two rings on the left pinky finger

once indicated a man was married, but this custom has since fallen out of favor.

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