Brush Stroke

Zodiac sign

Weekly Tarot Horoscopes for April 17–23, 2023 by Zodiac Sign



The traditional Ten of Wands reversed suggests that you could feel burdened and overburdened by your obligations. It's possible that you've taken on too much and are finding it difficult to keep up.


What's being implied here, Pisces, is a clear lack of focus and discipline when it comes to your money or job.


This card says that you might be waiting and thinking about making a decision about your finances or your job. 


This card always has a slightly futuristic appearance, as though the person portrayed is looking into the future.  In your situation, it's somewhat accurate and encouraging.


The Seven of Wands signifies that you can encounter resistance or difficulties from others attempting to thwart your accomplishment. 


This week is your chance to get recommendations or opinions from others. You frequently imagine yourself as the person who saves others, 


This is hardly a small-potatoes card, indicating that a significant turning moment in your life may be approaching. You are being asked to consider your past and make significant decisions that will determine your future right now, Libra. 


This card says that you might turn to a dependable mentor or authority person for advice or insight. You can investigate philosophical or spiritual issues and look for deeper truths. 


This week, Sagittarius, you may take several trips down memory lane as well as feel emotionally open and receptive. 


There is nothing quite like a playing card showing a person waking up from a nap with nine swords lined up on the wall next to them. Yikes.


This is a really good tarot card, and it may suggest that despite experiencing whatever loss or disappointment you have, there is a ray of hope and positivity on the horizon. 


Reversed, the World Tarot card implies that you could feel imprisoned or trapped in your present circumstance. You might be finding it difficult to move forward and accomplish your goals, or you might be losing faith in the world.