Weekly tarot horoscope for April 17–23

Do something truly Aries-related this week that you, and perhaps only you, enjoy. I'm referring to high-octane, white-knuckle activities like white-water rafting, bungee jumping, and theme park rollercoasters.


Express your feelings, let everything out, rid yourself of the worry, rage, or doubt that has been poisoning you, and let go of your frustrations. Let everything out, whether it's about money, love, or lifestyle.


Pleasure-fest this week! Play, party, and have fun with the Three of Cups. Life is short—enjoy it. Make great memories, connect with loved ones, and do what you enjoy. Why work and behave well if you don't enjoy life.


The Sun, the tarot's most positive card, suggests a magical time. Try to travel, especially to a sunny, vacation-like place, or plan something beautiful for the summer. Be confident and ask for what you want.


The Hermit lets you stay home, do less, and focus on yourself and your daily rituals. Enjoy the change, rest, and break from going out! Happiness comes from being happy at home and in your daily life.


Wanna wish? The Nine of Cups is a cosmic dream-come-true pass that grants your heart's desire, so money, love, or pleasure has been on your mind and is ready to manifest. This week, visualize your goal, think and feel it can happen, and take concrete steps toward it.


Libra, relax and enjoy Taurus's lazy, comfortable, and indulgent season with full permission. Relax, sleep, daydream, and potter. The Ten of Wands indicates exhaustion and a need for deep rest and relaxation. You need that pleasure this week, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Chill out.