Watch Mark Hamill Give Cameron Monaghan Jedi Lessons

Look no further than this incredibly charming EA Star Wars skit that shows what happens when the legendary Mark Hamill shows up on the set of Star Wars: Jedi

Survivor to give Cameron Monaghan some pointers today if you want to have the Force, er... your heart grow three sizes.

Mark Hamill, better known to Star Wars fans as Luke Skywalker, gives Monaghan, who plays Cal Kestis, some pointers on how to be a proper Jedi while performing motion capture for the newest EA Star Wars video game, Jedi Survivor. 

There are remarks on concentration, Force-sensing missiles, and even an instructive moment in which Monaghan uses "too much wrist" when performing a Jedi mind trick.

Of course, no video game skit would be complete without at least one jab at old men who play video games.

It's alright; it's still a very cute sketch, and I'm simply glad Hamill can still have fun in Star Wars, even if The Mandalorian CGI'd him almost completely out of existence.

Luke Skywalker went on the set of EA's Star Wars: Jedi Survivor to share some Jedi mind tricks with Cal Kestis