Walt Disney will make further employment cuts totaling thousands.

On Monday, Walt Disney Co. will begin a second round of job cuts. The 7,000 positions that will be eliminated as a result of the layoffs.

Disney officials were quoted by Reuters as saying that the business would eliminate "several thousand" jobs by Thursday.With the most recent wave of cuts, 4,000 jobs have been eliminated overall.

The most recent job cuts are a part of Disney's strategy to reduce annual expenditures by $5.5 billion. The business is working quickly to reduce losses on its 2019-launched Disney streaming service.

The organisation as a whole, including Disney Entertainment, ESPN, and Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, will experience job cuts.

Disney representatives were quoted as saying in the newspaper, "We recognise that it has been a period of uncertainty and thank you all for your understanding and patience."

The Walt Disney had announced its layoff plan in February this year.

The corporation began informing those affected by the employment reduction on March 27. At the time, it had also announced that a second, more significant wave of job cuts would occur in April.