viral girl Olivia Dunne Car Collection And Net Worth


Westwood, New Jersey-based artistic gymnast Olivia Paige "Livvy" Dunne has over 4 million TikTok subscribers and 1 million Instagram followers. She owns three automobiles.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is an off-road SUV with 470 hp and 112 mph top speed.

Olivia bought a Mercedes CLS Class executive car with an all-wheel drive, 306 hp, 4.2 sec 0-60 time, and 155 mph top speed at $72,950.

With a 349 horsepower turbocharged V6, 8-speed Auto transmission, and AWD, Audi S4 performs better than A4 and costs more than A8.

How much money does Olivia Dunne make? Olivia Dunne makes an estimated $15,500-$21,000 per Instagram post.

Why is Olivia Dunne so popular? Olivia Dunne is popular for posting TikTok videos of her life outside the gym.

When did Olivia Dunne become famous? After starting in gyms near her hometown of Hillsdale, N.J. as a girl, she is now nationally recognized in the world of gymnastics,

What are the salaries in Olivia? Average annual salary in Olivia is INR 3.3 lakhs .