Usher serenades Kim Kardashian during Las Vegas residency.

Kim Kardashian finally gets her birthday wish! In October, hazardous weather prevented the Kardashians from attending Usher's Las Vegas residency show for her 42nd birthday.

The reality star posted photos and footage of the performance to her Instagram Story, including numerous clips of Teyana Taylor performing "Bad Girl.

Usher's shoutout during "Superstar" was Kardashian's favorite moment. "Whatup Kim, you made it," he said.

Kardashian reportedly loved the show so much that she promised to return soon on her Instagram Story. Finally got to see @Usher, but my girls are upset that they aren't there, so I just have to bring them back as soon as possible, she wrote.

Kardashian had previously shared on social media in October the sad circumstances that prevented her from attending the show as well as a lavish supper at Carbone in Las Vegas: The SKIMS billionaire added,

"The plane couldn't land due to the wind so looks like our Carbone party and @usher concert isn't happening, and we are heading back home."

Usher claims that his sensual show in Las Vegas is designed for women to "get away from their kids" and enjoy themselves.