Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks are exposed against the Boston Celtics.

At halftime of Game 1 of their first-round playoff series, the Celtics lead the Hawks by 30 points when,

Cedric Maxwell called to Dominique Wilkins across the media dining area in TD Garden's underbelly.

"Nique!" exclaimed the former Boston great turned announcer to his Atlanta opponent, fighting back his laughter.

"I give," the Hall of Famer said, thus ending the game and possibly the series 24 minutes in. "I give."

The Celtics established dominance in the opening in just 11 seconds. Jaylen Brown intercepted ,

Hawks point guard Trae Young's initial pass attempt, halted in transition, surveyed four defenders .

Parted them like the Red Sea, laying in the first of his 29 points with the ease reserved for pregame warmups.

"I'm just letting them know right away that it's going to be a long night," Brown explained.