Top 9 Upper-Body Exercises for Aging

The strength of both the upper and lower body is an important aspect to focus on as one gets older.

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Losing strength is one of the most difficult and dangerous effects of aging. Age-related weakness usually begins earlier than other aging issues.

Age-related muscle and strength loss can lead to injuries and lower quality of life in the mid-30s and 40s. Good fitness and lifestyle habits can delay, offset, and even reverse age-related strength losses.

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Address upper- and lower-body strength. This article covers the best upper-body exercises for seniors. This upper-body workout targets major muscles and maintains overhead range of motion.

When compared to barbell benching, dumbbell chest presses target your pecs, shoulders, and triceps with a smooth and comfortable range of motion.

Low-risk, high-reward seated rows work your mid-back and biceps. The seated row is an alternative to barbell and dumbbell rows for those with musculoskeletal issues.


Shoulder presses are our next upper-body strength exercises for seniors. To reach high shelves and put things back, this move is essential. Dumbbell shoulder presses are easier overhead presses.


Strong upper bodies require pulldown training. Pulldowns focus on the spinal stabilizing latissimus dorsi.

Pec flies with dumbbells are frequently considered a "bodybuilding" exercise, but they can be very effective for maintaining chest mobility and strengthening the pectoral muscles.

The "buff arms" look comes from your biceps, which stabilize your elbows and wrists. Slowly lower to maximize gains.