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Top 9 Astrologically Lucky Flowers and Plants for 2023

Feng shui considers bamboo a lucky gift. Giving bamboo signifies prosperity, wealth, and happiness. The tree trunk symbolizes love, health, wealth, and development in all aspects of life.


One of the most well-known plants in feng shui is this one. It is known as the "lucky tree" or "honeysuckle." It is said that if it is placed in the southeast corner of the home, the owner will receive strong energy for prosperity, and the family will never experience financial difficulties.

Honeysuckle tree

This plant is thought to bring wealth to you by sucking money into the homes.

Jade tree

One of the most popular plants that can be used in cooking. It's said that carrying basil in your wallet will bring you financial luck. Evil spirits won't approach your home if you plant basil there.


Rosemary is a large, bushy plant that is grown outdoors, but with proper care, potted plants can be grown indoors. It is a member of the mint family and a native of the Mediterranean region. It has blue flowers and needle-like leaves.


The orchid is a symbol of elegance, beauty, love, and fertility. One of our favorites is known for bringing longevity, vitality, and good fortune.


One of the most well-liked ornamental plants in feng shui is the aroid palm. Its name conjures up images of wealth and majesty. Feng shui theory states that the Aroid Palm bestows wealth, fortune, and luck upon its owner.

Aroid Palm

The tiger tongue tree is a popular New Year's decoration choice. The air in your home can be filtered by this plant. The tiger tongue also has a useful feng shui meaning.

Animal tongue tree

Because spider plants are so simple to care for, there is no need to get upset when they become ill. Your homes will soon be populated by adorable spider plant pups with a little nurturing care.

Spider Plant