Top 10 Greatest NFL Wide Receivers Of All Time

Every National Football League game is essentially a nonstop track meet.

On one end of the field, defensive backs like cornerbacks and safeties will use every part of their body to try to stop a throw from being completed lawfully.

Wide receivers who can cover 40 yards in a little bit more than four seconds are their competition in this category.

He outcome of such deep throws has the potential to dramatically alter the course of a game.

It gets added to his highlight reel. When wideouts come down with the ball at a difficult angle,

Football spectators can't help but let out a jaw-dropping gasp of amazement. The victor gets even more bragging rights if he is able to take down many defenders in order to get the grab.

After a career's worth of those outstanding receptions, they may be eligible for individual accolades, championships in the Super Bowl,

The greatest moments of the players who have caught the most passes in the history of the NFL will stand the test of time,