Tom Cruise’s Greatest Stunt Didn’t Involve Jumping From Planes – $620M Rich Actor Tried Saving Cinemas With Christopher Nolan Before $1.4B Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise is a legend in Hollywood, having starred in blockbuster films like Top Gun, Mission: Impossible, and Jerry Maguire.

Cruise has gained notoriety for his acting prowess and the risky stunts he pulls off in his movies, such as scaling the tallest structure in the world in Mission: Impossible

Ghost Protocol and dangling from an aeroplane in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.As the pandemic spread across the globe, many businesses, including movie theatres,

were forced to shut down. Many filming schedules were delayed or abandoned entirely. Tom Cruise, who has been in the film business for more than 35 years, was aware of the importance of theatres.

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He expressed his love of movies in an interview with Empire magazine and developed a strategy to make movies happen despite the pandemic's height.

Enter Christopher Nolan, the creative force behind innovative films like Inception and Interstellar. Tom Cruise and Nolan worked together to save the movie theatre and advocated for the cinematic experience.

Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan, was slated for a summer 2020 release in every country.While promoting Tenet in London, Cruise unexpectedly showed up at a theatre showing the film and tweeted about it.

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