'Toiletgate 2.0': $1.7 million now buys two toilets in S.F. instead of just one

Supervisors in San Francisco have agreed to accept $1.7 million in state funding that will now be used to build two public restrooms instead of the original one.

The cost of the lavatory in Noe Valley was reduced by the donated modular toilet, but the city estimates that toilet No. 2, which is slated for Precita Park in Bernal Heights, might still cost $1.4 million

San Francisco could prove it could build a toilet without flushing so much money down the drain.

Reactions to the decision to accept the state funding have been mixed, with some supervisors raising concerns about the city's propensity to raise prices

while others noting the critical need for public restrooms in San Francisco's parks.

The controversy surrounding the toilets has also called into question the city's procurement procedure and the efficacy of ideological choices that increase expenditures.

Despite these obstacles, accepting the state funding will give park visitors

who have been compelled to relieve themselves on their neighbours' doorsteps since there aren't any public restrooms much-needed relief.