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This Zodiac Sign Is the Best Shoulder to Cry on, Astrologers Say


If you've had a bad day at the workplace, an unexpected breakup, or a difficult chat with a member of your family, sometimes the only thing that will help is to cry it out on the shoulder of a trusted friend.

If you've been friends with the same group of people for a significant amount of time, you probably already know exactly who you can call on in times like these.

They are likely to be excellent listeners, simple to talk to, and compassionate individuals. But have you ever given thought to the astrological sign associated with that person?

It would appear that these wonderful pals may share that quality in common as well. As you continue reading,

you will learn more about the six zodiac signs that range from a little bit of support all the way up to being extremely empathetic.

You're thinking this interesting, thrill-seeking, strategic sign can't be a good shoulder to cry on. Try again. "Scorpio is the original hidden guardian of the zodiac wheel," says The Business Mystic astrologer Aliza Rose. They'll bury your grief.


Smart, active Sagittarius. Astrologers recommend this fire sign for crying. "Sagittarius has such a cheerful and joyful attitude that it might be tough to be down when you're in their presence," says professional astrologer Laura Layes, founder of Astro Huns. "


Leos are bold, feisty, and positive. If you need help, they may surprise you with their kindness and guidance. Rose claims Leos have more compassion than most. "Leos' leadership and wisdom help distressed people.