This TikToker Makes Creative, Caffeinated Zodiac Coffee Drinks.

This fiery sign needs strong coffee to match its determination, confidence, and enthusiasm. Nitro cold brews are strong and stiff, so they'll be your only caffeinated drink. Like its sign, this drink's sweet cream cold foam isn't boring.


Tauruses are reliable, patient, practical, and responsible. This espresso-based drink has enchanting s'mores flavors. This grounded sign needs pleasure and beauty all the time, and this coffee is just that.


This divine drink "represents both difference and sameness," like Gemini's zodiac symbol. This sign is curious and adaptable, perfect for a drink with many ingredients. Geminis love this caffeinated drink with dark and white chocolate sauce, milk, and espresso.


Water signs are creative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, and persuasive. They are one of the hardest zodiac signs to understand, but they care deeply about family and home. This banana bread latte showcases their kindness. This sweet drink has banana, hazelnut, and caramel syrup.


Leos are creative, cheerful, and irresistible, making this affogato al caffe a perfect match. This rich ice cream and espresso concoction is irresistible. This drink explains why Leos have many friends.


A tiramisu reverse affogato suits Virgos, who are detail-oriented. This drink would please perfectionists. As one of the zodiac's most careful signs, they could easily recreate this beverage.


Libras are fair, peaceful, and loathe solitude. This drink-snack combo is perfect for indecisive people. This salted caramel latte is sweet and savory, with smooth whipped cream and crunchy cereal that satisfy.


Scorpios drink Double Torture. Water signs are stubborn but loyal. This drink, made with four espresso shots and dark chocolate milk, is ordered by bold people.


Sagittarius are energetic, curious, and open to change. Sags will love this pistachio gelato latte. This fiery zodiac needs a drink to match their optimism and exuberance.