“This is not how business works”: Will Smith Was Surprised by Tom Cruise After Making His Life’s Mission to Outshine $620M Hollywood Superstar

Will Smith published a memoir titled Will after the infamous Oscars slap with Mark Manson, the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fu*k.

Given that Will Smith has always been open and honest with his fans, the memoir is transparent, frank, and funny.

He discusses his sex addiction, m*sturbat*on, heartbreaks, obstacles in the workplace, and more in his memoir.

Smith was and is still ambitious in terms of professional obstacles. He has never been afraid to express his desire to lead the industry by example.

Smith was very competitive when he was younger and tried to outperform all of his peers, including Tom Cruise.

Will Smith went into more detail about his friendship with Tom Cruise and how he was in competition with Cruise. The King Richard actor went on to try and beat Tom Cruise’s working hours.

Will Smith describes how he came to understand the value of getting promotions, interacting with people, and showing up everywhere you could.

Smith started looking for someone after realising that most people in Hollywood dislike going on the road and meeting fans.

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