There is evidence that Russians are taking Ukrainian artwork on a scale comparable to World War II,

According to our study, Russia is likely behind this large theft, according to a researcher at the Smithsonian Institution who is compiling a report on the extent of the theft.In the fall of last year.

Ukrainian soldiers were advancing on Kherson and driving back Russian forces who had taken control of it after Moscow began its invasion of Ukraine. A group of armed Russians in civilian attire as well as numerous big trucks and buses.

Arrived to the Kherson Regional Art Museum. According to the museum's director, Alina Dotsenko, they removed more than 11,000 works of art over the course of five days.

Including paintings, sculptures, graphics, and other creations from Ukraine and other countries.

It was clear that everything had been arranged. The choice to rob the museum was not made immediately, according to Dotsenko. "Everything was carefully planned.

Independent researchers and human rights watchdogs both confirmed that the theft was not an isolated incidence.

Researchers and professionals tracking the destruction say there is mounting evidence that Russian forces are methodically stealing works of art and cultural.

Artefacts from Ukraine on a scale not seen in Europe since the Nazi looting of World War II.

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