The Top 9 Hollywood Star Nail Designs

Celebrities have a variety of nail art styles to inspire us, such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Miley Cyrus. Here are our top 9 choices for Hollywood celebrity nail arts.

Change the shape of your nails by using a white base and golden foils in a "V" shape.

1.Stilettos Nails and Foils

stone-studded leopard-print nail art. This nail art includes bows. Try this too.

2.Studded Bling Nails and Leopard

Easy to create smiley nails with dotting tools and top coat.

3. Rihanna’s Smiley Nails

Good hands are needed to create a jazzed up look on nails.

4. Boom and Bang Nail Art

Nail art inspired by Katy Perry, featuring foils, deco, and a red stone.

5. Katy Perry’s Bling Nails

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Easy to create a nail art like this one with colours of your choice and just your black striper. Long or short nails, both looks good with some stripes of different colours. Finish off with a top coat.

6. Just Stripes Nail Design

You can try out an Obama nails like this one if you can get the right obaba face water decals. However you may not get such water decals in India. It is not free hand painted.

7. Obama Nails by Katy Perry

Match colours of nail polishes with lipstick or eye makeup to create a Katy Perry style polka dots nail art.

8. Simple Polka Dots Nail Art

Try simple rose water decals for studded nail art.

9. Bling and Water Decal Nails by Katy Perry

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