The top 7 ice cream brands in the United States.

A select few businesses stand out among the literally hundreds of ice cream varieties and brands that are vying for the top rank.

Based on actual unit sales in 2018, here are the top seven ice cream brands that Americans swoon over.

Halo Top seizes this market by providing ice cream items with a great deal less guilt as more people seek out healthier options (around 280-360 calories in every pint).

7. Halo Top

With its vast variety of flavors, including Black Cherry Fudge, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Chip, Mango, Mocha Swirl, and others, Turkey Hill has made a name for itself in the frozen dairy treat industry.

6. Turkey Hill

In the ice cream market, this storied brand has emerged as a formidable competitor. Häagen-Dazs has increased the number of flavors it offers from its original range of three (Chocolate, Coffee, and Vanilla) to over 50.

5. Häagen-Dazs

Blue Bell, which had its modest origins in the Texas town of Brenham in 1907, is another significant brand in the history of ice cream. Its distinctive line of ice cream flavors, which the majority of People don't see in other businesses, is what makes the brand marketable.

4. Blue Bell

Nothing on this list compares to Breyers' extensive and distinguished past when it comes to the history of ice cream.

3. Breyers

Ben & Jerry's is a young player in this field compared to the other items on this list. With its incredibly well-crafted ice cream names, the massive ice cream business has had booming sales since it began operations in Burlington, Vermont, in 1978.

2. Ben & Jerry’s

Despite having the highest sales of any single brand in the ice cream market, Ben & Jerry's, the sheer number of private label ice cream manufacturers far exceeds sales projections.

1. Private label