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The Smartest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Those that are naturally intellectual, are good at coming up with ideas, and frequently have a strong work,

Ethic that helps them achieve success are all characteristics shared by the world's most intelligent people.

They may also be able to write audio or visual masterpieces, invent groundbreaking new technologies,

create companies that fundamentally alter the world. But have you ever given any thought to ,

The question of why some people possess more intelligence than others? There's a possibility that astrology has something to do with it.

Continue reading to learn about the six markers that indicate your level of intelligence, from naturally bright to full-fledged rocket scientist.

Kind and compassionate Cancer smarts are special. "Cancers are intuitive, emotional, and clever," explains relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. This benefits them beyond personal ties. "They can excel in business because they understand how to create a caring response that others can't resist," she says.


Libras are always reading or visiting museums, movie theaters, and performance halls. Because of that, they know a lot. Kovach says they're smarter than that. "This is also the sign of arts and music," she continues.