The Predictions for Your Sign's April 2023 Horoscope Are Here

This month, Aries, your season comes to an end, and you must hand the reins to Taurus, but do not be alarmed. Although astrologers cannot guarantee financial success in this economy, early April is marked by an abundance of good fortune, so the stars suggest that you have good reason to be optimistic about your career or passion projects.


Happy return of the sun, Taurus. This month is the start of your season, and you should unquestionably enjoy your birthday all month long. Messenger Mercury, however, demands that you speak with your loved ones so they are aware of your birthday plans.


Be careful, Gemini. This month, Mercury, the messenger planet that rules your sign, starts one of its infamous backward dances, and as usual, you might be more impacted than other signs.


Thanks to the early April movements of messenger Mercury in Cancer, any conflicts or tension in your relations can be resolved. Additionally, it's recommended to handle essential conversations early in the month.


In this economy, it's best to take advantage of networking chances that present themselves in early April, Leo. Keep a watch on your inbox during the Libra full moon in case you receive good news regarding your job or passion project. And while we're talking about aspirations and dreams.


This month, Virgo, your ruling planet, Mercury, will commence one of its infamous retrogrades. You are the zodiac's physician, so you are well versed in self-care. You might be asked to impart your expertise on others this month, whether it's through the influence of social media or just casual conversation with friends.


Currently, Libra, your romantic relationship is getting a makeover. Transitions can be tense, even though they are unquestionably for the best (the stars adore you, particularly your ruling planet, romantic Venus). The beginning of Mercury retrograde and a chaotic eclipse both occur in the second part of April.


Scorpio you have a strong stinger that serves as protection, and you don't hesitate to engage in combat. Your job for this month is to use it with caution. When you really want love and attention, you can push (or sting) people away even though you covet love and intimacy.


Sagittarius, you are the sign of the zodiac that is the most autonomous. It's important for you, the brave archer, to spend time alone engaging in your interests as part of your lifelong search for knowledge.


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