The NFL is still troubled by Sean Taylor's passing.

Few incidents in NFL history have had the same impact on the league as the murder of 24-year-old Pro Bowl safety Sean Taylor, a senseless

act of violence that claimed the life of one of the game's brightest rising stars. 

Taylor's legacy has endured in the nearly 20 years since his passing, in large part because of his family, former teammates, and coaches,

but also because of the way he lived his life and the shocking manner in which he passed away. 

At this point, the events surrounding Taylor's life and death have taken on an almost mythic status in America,

making it challenging to distinguish between fact and fiction. We reserve this aspect of our society for the adored athletes and celebrities who passed away too soon. 

We must start from the beginning if we want to learn the truth about Taylor and how he lived and passed away. 

On April 1, 1983, Sean Taylor was born in Florida City, where his father, Pedro Taylor, would eventually hold the position of chief of police.