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The Most Positive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


No matter how you phrase it, positive people have these sayings entrenched in their minds: look on the bright side of things, see the glass as half full, and when life offers you lemons, create lemonade.

Is it true that their favorite eatery is currently closed? Wonderful, this gives us the chance to visit a brand-new location! They suffered an ankle sprain, right?

What a stroke of good luck that it didn't break! It turns out that a person's date of birth may be a factor in whether or not they are predisposed to have a particular mentality.

Libras are known as people-pleasers. Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrological blog Usually Topical, prefers "peacemakers."


Aquarius, the free-thinking sign, may turn a negative into a positive.


Geminis are known as social butterflies, and Kirsten says their capacity to adapt is one of their best qualities.


Clare says Jupiter, "growth, abundance, and good luck," rules Sagittarius.


How did the sign known for their fury rank so high? As Andreeva explains, people quickly recover from negative events and smile.


The sun sign is the most optimistic. Clare says Leo's confidence and charisma come from the Sun's vibrancy, warmth, and life-giving energy. "They radiate positivity and enthusiasm."