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The Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


When dealing with someone who is narcissistic, it can be difficult to navigate the waters of a relationship or friendship.

It's possible that at first they look nice, but after a while you can get the impression that they just care about themselves.

They appear friendly on the surface, but beyond that, they are icy and calculated, and they are inclined to resort to whatever means necessary to achieve their goals.

To summarize, things have the potential to rapidly turn poisonous. You might be able to identify any potential warning signs with the assistance of astrology.

Continue reading to learn about the six zodiac signs that are the most narcissistic, ranging from a tad vain to entirely self-obsessed.

Aquarius is open-minded and free-spirited, although they can be obsessive. If they become beliefs, Aquarius can't ignore them. "


Sagittarius needs freedom from obligations, yet life is about relationships. "When you experience Sagittarius' impetuous decision-making, you'll think they only know how to act out of self-interest, and that can rapidly turn into narcissistic traits," says Marquardt.


Scorpio manipulates people. According to Marquardt, this signal is narcissistic "but from a subconscious condition." They often don't understand they're manipulating people. Scorpio's subconscious drive to protect itself damages those who love them most.


Capricorns will do whatever to succeed, even if it means putting others first. "The shadow Capricorn personality could grow haughty and feel entitled to those positions of power without having earned them.


Drama, passion, and flare are Leo traits. When out of balance, this can cause an insatiable need for attention and an inflated sense of self. "Leos can use their intrinsic charm and appeal to draw others into narcissistic relationships, continuously needing more and more time, attention, and devotion," says Loftis.