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The Most Materialistic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


"Material Girl" by Madonna is undeniably one of her most memorable and enduring songs. Yet, the lyrics do strike a chord with certain individuals.

Certain individuals place a significant amount of importance on material possessions, particularly those that allow them to demonstrate their status to the outside world.

This can be shown in their pursuit of the most recent designer handbag or the most impressive new sports automobile.

They don't believe that being able to afford life's nicer goods is something that can be quantified in monetary terms.

Consider one's horoscope in order to comprehend why this is the case. Follow this link to find out what professional astrologers have to say about which .

zodiac signs are the most materialistic, ranging from casual shoppers to label-obsessed moneygrubbers.

Pisces are sensitive free spirits, not money-oriented. When they feel too emotional, they shop to brighten up. Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Clare says Pisces spends money and treats themselves as comfort



Success drives Capricorns. Clare says Saturn-ruled Capricorns value their labor. She says they are "somewhat less driven by the allure of luxury bags and fast vehicles" but want to treat themselves to beautiful things to live comfortably.


Geminis don't second-guess purchases. Clare says Gemini's spontaneity is unrivaled. They love spontaneous purchasing and showing their wide number of buddies their new purchases.