The Most Logic Zodiac Signs in Astrology

Ariana Grande sang "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it" to her Leo audience. Leo is persistent and eager to work hard to win someone over with extravagant demonstrations of love.


Aries won't give up either. Aries love the excitement of the chase, so expect them to show up at midnight with movie tickets or take you on a romantic weekend getaway.


Pisces, the zodiac's hopeless romantics, leads. Their acute emotional awareness and tender outlook on life mean they show their affection in every way.


Geminis will enchant you. Geminis' twin personalities make life unpredictable. Anticipate sweet dates and a rough boudoir night.


Sagittarius is spontaneous, so enjoy the ride. Their adventurous spirit will keep the relationship exciting.


Scorpios can engulf you in desire if you let go. Scorpions conquer once they put their sights on someone.


Capricorns will make you feel appreciated even though they don't say much. Expect a slow, emotional trip since they don't rush.


Virgos love through service. Instead of flirting, they will pay attention to your every need and let you lead.


Behind their reserved appearance, Cancerians are passionate.


Libra loves easily but commits slowly. After taking the jump, you'll find that their warm personality is as much physical as emotional.


Taurus is slow and steady, so you may need to persuade them to take a risk occasionally.


Aquarius isn't the worst lover—they just have trouble expressing their feelings and accepting love. Once something exceptional catches their eye, they'll show you their softer side.


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