The Most Honest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

Gemini has to be the sign that is the least trustworthy. These people have a reputation for being excellent liars. Considering their contradictory characteristics,

12. Gemini

Libra is the second-worst sign at being sincere. Because of their reputation for diplomacy and fairness, people with this sign occasionally act dishonestly in an effort to maintain peace.

11. Libra

Pisces is the third-worst sign for being sincere. For Pisces, their lack of candour in some aspects of life is motivated by good intentions. This Water sign is by nature romantic and daydreamy because Neptune rules it.

10. Pisces

Scorpio is the ninth-most trustworthy Zodiac sign. This sign's inhabitants are renowned for their enigmatic and perceptive personalities. They thrive at finding the truth because they can read people like a book.

9. Scorpio

The next sign is Capricorn. This sign is linked to aspiration, focus, and dependability. Capricorns are reserved people who, unless absolutely necessary, prefer to keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves.

8. Capricorn

Cancer is the seventh-honestest sign in the zodiac. It should come as no surprise that this sign is seen as being hard-shelled and defensive given that the crab serves as its symbol. They are highly intuitive and sensitive on the inside, though.

7. Cancer

With good reason, Taurus is the sixth most trustworthy sign in the zodiac. It is not surprising that this Earth sign may be very honest because they are recognised for their dependability and dependability.

6. Aquarius

The powerful Leo is fifth on our list. Yet, they also have a strong dedication to being honest. This fire sign is passionate, creative, and extremely ambitious. 4. Leo

5. Taurus

The fourth most sincere zodiac sign is Aquarius. Their honesty reflects the unconventional and independent nature of this sign, which is well renowned. Without considering how others might react, Aquarians speak the truth.

4. Leo

Virgo is the third-most trustworthy Zodiac sign. It shouldn't be a surprise that Virgos are extraordinarily honest as they are regarded for being among the zodiac signs with the highest levels of dependability and responsibility.

3. Virgo

Another sign that like telling it how it is is Aries. This person will always speak their views honestly, even if it means going against the consensus. They cherish the truth.

2. Aries

Sagittarius is without a doubt the sign that is the most sincere. The fact that this zodiac sign is at the top of the list is not surprising given their reputation for being direct and brutally honest.

1. Sagittarius

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