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The Most Aloof Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Although there are some people in the room, they aren't truly present. While others appear to be kind and approachable, they could give off the impression that they are icy and unapproachable.

Because these distant entities won't be the ones to start talks, it won't give the impression that they think they are superior to others, which is a risk that arises occasionally.

You might be able to get a better sense of someone's personality if you take the time to dissect them thoroughly, but astrology may help explain why some people are more reserved at first.

Continue reading to learn which zodiac sign ranges from somewhat standoffish to wildly withdrawn in its level of withdrawn behavior.

Sagittarius detests inactivity. Their spirituality and wanderlust can keep them from committing. Tara Bennet, Mediumchat's astrologer and spiritual counselor, believes they're too focused on themselves to care about others.


Cancer's guarded attitude can appear aloof. "Until they get to know someone, these crabs want to hide behind their shells," Bennet adds.


Aquarius, known for their forward-thinking thoughts, is usually alone. They also defy social norms. Their peculiarity can make them seem distant.


Taurus is stubborn. They prefer routines and dislike changes. Bennet claims they'll ignore you if you try to modify them.


Capricorn hides their feelings. Clare tells Best Living they may be reserved and give off a "keep away from me" attitude.