The key to making the ideal, healthy smoothie is a smooth blend.

Smoothies are an ideal healthful complement to a busy lifestyle, which comes as no surprise. The catch, though, is that every smoothie contains a carefully considered.

Well balanced mixture of components that don't compete with one another. Shivani Dua, a corporate professional from Gurugram.

Discovered this the hard way when she looked to Dr. Google rather than a nutritionist in quest of the ideal weight-loss blend.

Despite trying a variety of combos, her go-to morning beverage was the mixture of milk, spinach, peanut butter, and banana.

She didn't drop any weight the following two weeks, but she did lose her gut health. "I eventually developed gastric problems and facial rashes.

Then a nutritionist informed me that combining milk and spinach was the cause of my issues.

Recalls Dua. The expert explained to her that because milk's calcium and spinach's.

Oxalates take a great deal of energy to process, the digestive system becomes weak.

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