The Ideal Houseplant Is Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Says an Astrologer

Aries, you enjoy making a statement. Being the most courageous sign, you prefer to take the lead over sticking with the throng. And since Mars, the planet of ardour and liveliness, rules your astrological sign, you're seeking a houseplant with a similar vivacious energy.


Tauruses are renowned for their love of environment and green thumbs. There's a possibility that your house is already overflowing with indoor plants that you give diligent care to. Although some people refer to you as the zodiac sign with the most stubbornness.

Taurus:Philodendron Heartleaf

Geminis are easygoing people who are constantly searching for their next big experience. You enjoy networking and socialising your way through life, whether you're looking for a quickie romance, a new job chance, or a friend.

Gemini:Insect Plant

Cancers are renowned for being homebodies. When you're not interacting with friends or family, you're concentrated on making your home a haven of tranquilly and calm.

Cancer:Fig, Fiddle Leaf

You, Leo, are the one bringing the fire when it comes to drama! You exude an air of assurance because you are regal and sophisticated. Although you do have a tendency to seek out attention, your joyful and upbeat energy also naturally draws it.

Leo:The delicious monstera

Virgos appreciate minimalism. You are the zodiac's careful and perceptive perfectionist, and you are aware that creating something worthwhile requires time and effort. Fortunately, you're the sort who doesn't mind putting in the effort.

Virgo:Royal Palm

You are invincible, Libra. You're extremely sociable and like to alter things up before you get too bored because your airy nature makes you more adept in new situations. Additionally, as the sign governed by the romantic and dreamy Venus, you're not afraid to indulge a little and flaunt your talents.

Libra:Palm with Ruffles

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