The ideal colour hues for you, based on your personality type

Introspection and ambition are characteristics of a natural healer. As a result, they favour light colours like white, sky blue, baby pink, and peach-hued shades because they symbolise healing factors like serenity, calm, and hope.

White, sky blue, baby pink, and apricot make up The Healer.

A visionary has a distinct perspective on everything they have or intend to do, and their preference for dark colours and their guarded and balanced emotions are the highlights of their personality characteristic.

The Visionary: Navy blue, orange, and turquoise blue

Cool hues that symbolise generosity and unity, such as teal green, teal blue, and aqua blue with a hint of green, tend to appeal to this compassionate personality type.

Aqua blue and teal green make up The Protector.

A logician supports creativity supported by logic. This suggests that people with an aptitude for rational thought are drawn to dark hues like hunter green, grey, and black.

Hunter green, charcoal, and black, The Logician

This personality type exudes empathy and embodies the true qualities of a carer. They enjoy light, airy hues like pastel blue and traditional blush pink. These exude warmth and fidelity.

Blush pink and light blue for the carer

The Dictator personality type is one that values following tried-and-true routines and maintaining healthy limits. This characteristic demonstrates their preference for neutral colours like beige, white, light grey, and nude brown, as these hues highlight how flexible they are when it comes to keeping things uncomplicated.

The Director: Light grey, beige, beige, and bare-bones brown

The champion personality characteristic radiates vivacious vitality, which directs their attention to vivid hues. As a result, vibrant ocean blue, subtle yellow, and sunset orange are the perfect colours to complement their personality.

Bright ocean blue, soft yellow, and golden orange make up The Champion.

This personality measures other people's confidence with adaptability and realism because it considers "giving" to be the purpose of life and is an empath. Additionally, just like their personalities, they have an eye for warm and inviting hues like deep purple, hot pink, and fossil grey.

The Giver: bright pink, deep purple, and fossil grey



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