The Iconic "John Wick" Hotel's Iconic Poster for "The Continental"

Peacock has published the first poster for The Continental, a spin-off television series about Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) and how he turned the hotel into a no-business zone. In the films,

In the films, Ian McShane plays Scott, one of John Wick's (Keanu Reeves) closest pals. The program will be a prequel, so Reeves' action hero won't appear.

Each new John Wick film has done better at the box office than the last. Since 2014, audiences have loved the quiet action hero.

4 concluded Wick's mission after some of the most innovative action sequences in modern blockbusters, with practical effects, stunts, and amazing fight choreography.Speaking about Italy, you've probably heard of the renown dessert known as gelato. It is undoubtedly one of Italy's many iconic traits.

Erica Lee, one of the show's producers, told Collider that the team behind The Continental decided to set the new project years before the first John Wick film. Lee stated:

Prequels Worked.

We heard many pitches from the showrunners and debated whether to do a John Wick-like timeline or an alternate timeline

Doing a prequel in an alternate timeline gave us a lot of flexibility in running parallel tracks.