The funniest zodiac signs, ranked by their sense of humour

Gemini are natural entertainers. They'll leave after midnight with the crowd begging for an encore in a room full of strangers.


A quick-thinking Sagittarian can find humour in almost any situation. They'll cut through a quiet room's awkwardness with a one-liner thanks to their blessed lack of a filter (or ten).


Leo makes up for their lack of comedic talent with charisma. Slapstick is ruled by their exaggerated movements, generous fictionalisation, and comical actions.


Being one of the most social zodiac signs helps, but Libra's huge creative streak means they've never had to repeat a punchline.


Fart jokes are absent. An Aries laughs by sneaking in a tongue-in-cheek double entendre or dropping some cheeky wordplay you wish you had thought of first.


Don't look for a Virgo in the middle of the room—you'll find them in a dark corner making a satirical observation or using wry irony.


Before playing a Scorpio, dust off your armour. Their punchlines often hit hard due to their uncanny ability to say what's on their mind.


Without Leo's showmanship, this earth sign's humour is lost. In daily life, they're either funny without trying or trying too hard to make someone laugh.


A Capricorn enjoys a good pun, but they don't laugh at others' misfortune. They can laugh at themselves thanks to their self-deprecating sense of humour.


You'll be surprised to learn that this passionate and brooding sign relies on well-intentioned pranks to break out of their shell when life gets too serious.


Aquarius' dark sense of humour is not a coping mechanism. Once you get past the morbidity, their observations are worth considering.


Due to their intense emotions, Pisces often miss the punchline. Their long stories mean no one gets their jokes on the first try, so don't take it personally.


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